Launching elate: Our Journey Towards Empowering the UK Care Sector

Toby Venning

In 2023, we will be fully launching elate, our innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product. Designed with a deep understanding of the UK care sector, elate is a digital care management system that empowers care providers, carers, older and vulnerable individuals, and their families to live with grace, joy, and dignity.

elate's genesis emerged from our keen observation of the pressing challenges faced by the UK care sector. Despite significant advancements in various domains, we recognised a persistent gap in providing comprehensive, user-friendly, and accessible digital care services. This realisation ignited a spark in us, leading to the creation of elate.

Five Key Lessons from Our Journey

Our journey towards creating elate has been a profound learning experience. Here are five essential lessons we've learned on this path:

  1. Identifying a massive challenge worth solving - The UK care sector's complexities and multi-faceted challenges provided us with the perfect ground to sow our innovative seeds. We recognised the need for a more unified, transparent, and efficient care delivery system, setting the stage for elate.
  2. Creating a compelling mission statement - Our mission at elate is to empower individuals to live with grace, joy, and dignity. This clear and compelling statement drives us daily, informing our design process and defining our commitment to our users.
  3. Building an awesome and diverse team with shared values - Our team is our strength. Composed of a diverse group of dedicated professionals, each member brings unique insights and experiences to the table. Together, we share a common goal and passion for transforming the care sector. Meet our team.
  4. Getting funded - We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Innovate UK for their continued invaluable support. This funding has been instrumental in driving our mission forward and bringing elate to life. Read more about our win here.
  5. Collaborating, co-designing, user testing, and asking for help - elate has been shaped through collaboration with various stakeholders, including Business West, Innovate UK, SETSquared, the NHS, clients, suppliers, care providers, care workers, support workers, families, local authorities, and charities, among others. Their input, feedback, and continuous support have been crucial in refining elate.
  6. Ensuring the product reduces pains, frustration, challenges and creates tangible value - At its core, elate is designed to alleviate our users' pain points. Our approach has always been human-centred, ensuring that elate reduces frustrations and challenges and delivers real, tangible value to its users.

The launch of elate marks a significant milestone in our journey, but it is just the beginning. We look forward to continually refining and enhancing elate, driven by our mission to empower people to live with grace, joy, and dignity. We invite you to join us on this journey as we help to transform the landscape of care in the UK and beyond.

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